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Get Outside.

Young or old, we all need balance. Though the foundation of the Bear Valley Soccer Camp is built around a high level of soccer training, athletes will also experience a variety of mountainous activities. Each day promises fresh air and adventure!


Lake Alpine

The view alone is breathtaking. But to kayak across Lake Alpine to a private boulder island is unbeatable!


Bear Valley


 Music has always been a favorite pastime between soccer and outdoor adventures. Casual guitar sing-alongs and performances at the last night's bonfire have showcased some true talent over the years!

Hike & River Slides

Stanislaus River

Nothing manmade can compete with this natural playground! A brief and beautiful hike along the river delivers campers to natural, water-smoothed rock slides and the perfect swimming hole.

Beach & Swim

Bear Lake


Always a camper favorite, time at Bear Lake is spent swimming out to the dock, building sand castles, playing beach volleyball, and flying off the rope swing. 


Field & 'Secret Spot'


What's a summer camp without a campfire or two? Whether it's s'mores at dusk at the soccer field, or the last night of camp at a secluded spot (view shown at right), campers gather and commiserate around the glowing flames that are so quintessential of summertime.

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